The Binding Supermarket

What are Comb Binding Machines?

Are you wondering what comb binding machines are and need one to help produce more professional looking books, manuals and dissertations? Here at Binding Supermarket, we are here to help you purchase comb binding machines as well as all support all your other binding needs.

At Binding Supermarket, we have two types of machine for commercial or personal purchase, which can turn your blocks of paper into a binded book. Our ‘Combi S’ machine is a plastic comb-punching and binding machine that is perfect to produce documents on a low and medium volumes quickly and efficiently.

Our other machine is the ‘Combi ComfortPlus’ which is perfect for use in an office where it is used regularly and removes any hint of manual labour from the process of punching. We can supply both machines with a variety of different sized ring combs and have three colour options; black, white and blue.

We are a trustworthy company that are part of Tabbers Ltd group, so get in touch with us now. If you want to find out more about our machines, then simply use our handy contact form on our website or ring us to ask about all of our other products. 

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