The Binding Supermarket

Velobind Strips

Binding doesn't get any simpler than when you use Velobind strips. Whether you want to bind stylish documents in a quick and easy manner, or produce permanently bound legal contracts that can't be tampered with, you can rest assured that these plastic strips can cater to your binding needs. Velobind strips are popular amongst both professionals and personal users who want to achieve a smart book-like finish in just seconds. Many people purchase Velobind strips over at the Binding Supermarket website. The company sells strips with 12 one-inch prongs in an A4 size. They are available in black, white, navy and grey to suit your requirements.

Keeping your Classified Documents Secure

Velobind 12-prong strips feature sturdy spine pins that weld permanently, ensuring that your confidential and classified documents are kept secure at all times. When it comes to making sure that no-one is able to tamper with your private reports and other written work, there's no better solution than Velobind strips. Browse the website to find out more about this popular product or to place an order. Prices start at just £25 for 100, which is very affordable. Call 01279 444 535 to discuss your requirements with one of the team today.

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