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Tab Dividers

Keeping work separated and in order can make the difference between being organised and having a stack of paper with no idea where to find those tax receipts. As a nationwide supplier, our team at Binding Supermarket want to ensure you have the best quality tab dividers on the market.

Perfect for students, offices and libraries, guaranteeing that you have enough tab dividers to solve any organisation debacle is important. Our wide selection of tab dividers can accommodate to many different folders and binders.

Numbered tab dividers are ideal for different modules and sectioning these off can make browsing easier for yourself and anyone that flicks through. We also have rainbow dividers which add a splash of colour to any folder as well as making sure of being seen with 13mm tabs protruding from its A4 size.

We also have ‘tabmaker’ dividers, which are great for customising your whole folder set-up. Simply use your PC and printer to print onto the see-through tabs. We can provide this in 20 sets of 5 parts or 10 sets of 10 parts and are available to be delivered the next day.

As part of the Tabbers Group, we have gained a reputation for securing the best quality binding consumables on the web. To find out more, get in touch with us today.

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