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Surebind Strips

Securely binding together your documents, manuals and presentations with a machine is easy but when you run out of surebind strips, it can leave you searching the web for the most trustworthy company available. Here at Binding Supermarket, we stock three different sizes in both black and white for your binding machine, so consider visiting us first when looking for your new supplies. 

Available in 1”, 2“ and 3” sizes, the plastic strips feature 10 prongs that securely bind the paper together and when used with the GBC Desktop Surebinder, you will have a tamperproof document that’s secure and looks great. The three different sizes relate to the spacing between the prongs that bind the paper together. While our surebind strips make a perfect bind for legal documents and important presentations, they can be adjusted for many different jobs. A great addition to your office or library, surebind strips give you the ultimate customisation of your binding.

If you have never used these products before and are struggling to know exactly what you will need, then allow our expert team to give you the advice you need. Get in touch today by filling out our online contact form.

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