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Binding Wire

You’ve seen those professional bound products in films, on TV and in famous people’s hands, but how do you get them for yourself? Our range of binding wire products at Binding Supermarket is the answer to turn your documents into an attractive and safe product.

Universities, libraries and offices all require binding wire at one time or another. In combination with a binding machine, you can turn wads of paper into a quality binded product. This is great for dissertations that you’ll be handing in, law documents that need to be kept safe and important office paperwork.

The vast range of quantities, colours and sizes we stock at Binding Supermarket give you the ultimate choice for your workplace. Our most-revered binding wire is the A4 2:1 pitch wire. Featuring a 360-degree turning, the secure binding wire will keep your documents bounded after the machine has moved the sturdy wire into place.

Available in silver, white and black, you can effortlessly turn documents into secure and safe products. Add to that a binding cover from our wide selection and you will have a product that will deter spillages and be perfect for presenting to your superiors.

To find out more and discover why our company’s products are used by offices, libraries and Universities across the United Kingdom, get in touch with us today.

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