The Binding Supermarket

Binding Wire

Now that dissertation season is in full bloom, it’s important to keep your University and library stocked up with binding wire for those finishing touches. At Binding Supermarket, we’re able to deliver many binding consumables in different styles across the British Isles.

Binding your paper together can leave it with a long-lasting, easy-to-browse finish and on top of this – it looks great. By using a binding machine, you will be able to simply create a permanent bind for the block of paper and make access to the documents simple.

At Binding Supermarket, we house three different types of wire binding. As well as A4/A5 wire binding consumables, which are perfect to connect documents and dissertations with its 360-degree turn, we have the ‘A4 2:1 Pitch Wire’ bind.

This bind features a range of sizes from 4 to 20 and is available in three colours; silver, black and white. This gives anyone that enters your library or University the opportunity to customise the bind of their documents in colour and sizing.

After the bind has been made, alterations cannot be made. This means you can be sure of a secure and smart looking document for a variety of projects. To find out why we are trusted all over the UK for binding consumables, get in touch with us.

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